What is Ephemera Like Sakura About and Why Watch This Movie? 2022 #Celebrity

Ephemera: Netflix has a large catalog of Asian series and movies of all genres. If on this occasion what you want is to see a sweet love story with which you can cry, the Japanese film Ephemera like Sakura will become one of your favorite stories. Why should you see it?

Short-lived like Sakuraalso known as Love Like The Falling Petals is a japanese movie available on Netflix. A beautiful love story that promises to give you sweet moments, at the same time a lot of tears for how ephemeral love can be.

If you want a good recommendation for a Friday afternoon when all you want is a charming movie that makes you cry, this Japanese movie promises not to disappoint you and will probably stick in your memory for a long time.

So if you want to know the reasons why you should spend your Friday afternoon watching a sad Japanese love story, these will convince you to watch the movie Ephemera like Sakura.

Reasons to see Ephemera like Sakura and be enchanted by the film

Haruto is the main character, a young photography lover who seeks to capture all the most important moments of his life with his camera. The young man meets Misaki, a sweet and lively stylist who will be encouraging him at all times to fulfill his dreams. Although his love story begins happy, it soon changes when they realize that Misaki suffers from a strange disease that makes her age much faster than normal people, so her death will be inevitable. Now they must figure out how to enjoy the time they have left together.

The film has the participation of the actor Nakajima Kentowho appeared in the drama Kanojo wa Kirei datta and actress Matsumoto Honokawho appeared in Karei Naru Ichizoku.

Does the movie Ephemera like Sakura have a Spanish dubbing?

The film is available at Netflix in its original language which is Japanese with subtitles in Spanish. Fortunately for many, it also has Dubbing to Spanishso you can enjoy it in this language.

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