What is The Movie About and Where To Watch it With Subtitles? 2022 #Celebrity

South Korea has hundreds of movies of all genres that you can’t miss. If you like science fiction and protagonists fighting for their lives in the midst of catastrophes, Pandora is the movie to watch as soon as you can. Do you want to know what makes it so special?

Pandora is a korean movie science fiction from 2016 with a story about a disaster in a nuclear plant and how the government is willing to sacrifice its workers to hide the truth. Do you want to know why you should watch this movie?

A recommendation perfect to watch this Sunday afternoon is the movie Pandora. If you like action stories that make your heart race because you have no idea what is going to happen, this Korean movie promises to have you on the edge of your seat, wondering if the protagonists can be saved.

Pandora was released in 2016 and garnered rave reviews for its engaging plot. Without a doubt, it is a Korean movie that you will not be able to stop watching from the first moment and it will make you feel all kinds of emotions.

Reasons to see Pandora, a science fiction movie

The story begins when an earthquake shakes a small town where there is a nuclear power plant. However, although there seems to be no major damage, one of the plants is damaged and is in risk to create a great catastrophe that could kill the entire town. As citizens demand that the plant be overhauled or shut down completely, workers fight to try and repair damaged instruments and save the town. While the government ignores their pleas and seeks to hide the truth.

The film stars Kim Nam Gil, who appeared in The Fiery Priest. It also features veteran actress Kim Young Ae, who had a role in Kill Me, Heal Me. Another actress featured is Moon Jung Hee from Times. Also playing an important role is Jung Jin Young, the actor from My Unfamiliar Family. You can watch the movie trailer here:

Where can I watch Pandora with Spanish subtitles?

Pandora is available on the streaming platform Netflix and you can watch it with Spanish subtitles. It also has the option to watch it with Spanish dubbing, a perfect option if you like to watch movies in your language. Are you going to see her this Sunday?

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