What is When My Love Blooms About? Why Watch The Drama 2022 #Celebrity

When My Love Blooms: Netflix continues to add series to its catalog for Latin America, When My Love Blooms is one of the new Korean dramas that you can now enjoy from start to finish. Do you dare to see this romantic K-Drama?

New dramas premiered this June, but in addition to the productions that are being broadcast, Netflix added several Korean series to its catalog and you can start watching them now. Today we have a very romantic recommendation for you, so if you like stories of this type, you should not miss what makes the drama unique.

When My Love Blooms It premiered in 2020 and in South Korea it was broadcast through the tvN signal. The romantic drama takes us to meet a couple in love at two different times in their lives, but in both they must fight to defend their love.

Get everything ready for a marathon K-dramas and start to see When my love blooms here we tell you what it is about and why you should follow its episodes.

Reasons to watch When My Love Blooms and fall in love with its story

  • Love and destiny in the same story

The drama tells the story of Ji Soo, a college girl who falls in love with another student named Jae Hyun. The ideals and lifestyle of each seem to make them totally different, but she strives to conquer him until she finally succeeds.

They overcome many challenges together, but one day something unexpected happens and they separate, only that fate will bring them together again 20 years later, will they give love another chance?

The drama is starring four stars, as we have the current main couple and their young version. Yoo Ji Tae Y Park Jin-young bring Han Jae Hyun’s character to life, while Lee Boyoung Y Jun So Nee they play Yoon Ji Soo.

  • References to historical facts

Although we have already talked about the fact that the story takes place in two different times, we must also add that throughout the plot moments that were marked in the history of South Korea are included, which makes the plot even more interesting for the impact these events have on the lives of the characters.

  • A love story with different perspectives

Due to the construction of the drama, we see a youthful romance but also an adult couple who have matured in the midst of difficulties, so the drama can appeal to people of different ages and you might even watch it together with other members of your family.

  • perfect for a marathon

Although the drama has just arrived on Netflix, all the episodes have been published on the platform. Of course, although it includes very sweet and happy moments, there are also other emotional and even sad ones, so get your tissues ready.

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