What Response Did They Respond?

Binance, the most important exchange in the market, responds to the reactions about the restriction sanctions and explains what their purpose is. Binance, the most important and largest exchange in the crypto market, comes to the fore again with Russian sanctions. Binance, as previously reported, is implementing the transaction restriction for Russian individuals and entities. With this development, Binance does not completely restrict transactions and says that there will be restrictions on transactions exceeding 10,000 Euros. On the other hand, Binance CEO states the reasons for these in his new statement.


CEO’s Statements

Binance The CEO states that the measures taken are necessary and that they will support this movement just as the whole world has become a single wrist so that the war does not continue. However, the CEO states that there were misunderstandings with the announcement, adding that he felt the need to address the announcement with a detailed tweet thread. In addition, the CEO argues that while they have the power to unilaterally freeze user accounts, it is not humane. Therefore, the CEO emphasizes that all sanctions, new or old, should not exceed these rules.

On the other hand, Europe’s RussiaIt is known that an upper limit of 10.000 Euros is placed on each user wallet residing in Turkey. Binance promises to fulfill this commitment and speed up implementations themselves. In addition, Binance CEO underlines that world leaders will not end this brutal conflict if these sanctions are not implemented. In addition, the CEO states that he also has his own employees and users in that region. In addition, although the CEO is not his own employees, blockchain states that they also care about their communities.

The War Is Not Over

although crypto- Although stock markets and other traditional sectors take these and similar measures, the war still continues. Although the aim of most companies that comply with the restriction is to exhaust the resources of the Russians, this does not appear to have yielded any results yet. While the whole world is waiting for these unwinnable wars to end, the crypto world is doing its best for this.


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