What Was SEVENTEEN’s First Logo and How Has it Changed? 2022 #Celebrity

SEVENTEEN’s logo began inspired by the figure of a diamond, but with the evolution of the group and the arrival of new comebacks, the design has been transformed. How does it currently look?

If you are a fan of K-Pop, surely you already know that each group has some elements that represent it and distinguish it from others, starting with its name, a logotheir fandom and the color that represents them.

It is not strange that the logo of a idol group it transforms over time, in fact it is very common that in each comeback the design has changes that adhere to the concept that they are embodying in the album or a special message for that musical era.

SEVENTEEN is no exception and on several occasions it has shown several versions of its logo, however some of them are only minor changes and on other occasions we have seen redesigns that totally transform the vibe of this figure.

SEVENTEEN logos, their evolution and the latest design

the logo of SEVENTEEN it is distinguished by having a triangular shape, just like the diamond present on its lightstick. The logo is made up of two triangles, one of them inside the other. At the beginning, these figures were united in a single piece or, alternatively, they appeared divided by one or two lines, but now that has changed.

The most significant change to the logo came when a new one was introduced that includes three thick lines that look like slanted rectangles, but due to their positions and where they meet, we again see two triangular shapes.

CARAT also has its own logo, what does it look like?

The first time the new logo was revealed, one was also shown that from then on would represent CARAT and because you didn’t expect it, it also stands out for its triangular figure, so both go hand in hand.

Did you know that the SEVENTEEN fandom had its own logo? Let us know in the comments if you just found out or if you were at the time of the reveal.

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