What Will Happen To All The Coins And Loot Boxes When Overwatch 2 Launches?

Overwatch 2: The latest announcements for Overwatch 2 have not only caused the community to have hype through the roof, but there are now more questions than answers, and this is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. This time I am going to focus on the coins and loot boxes that many of you will have accumulated in your accounts, because you have to know what destiny awaits you in the face of Overwatch 2.

As previously announced, loot boxes will disappear as soon as the sequel launches, and will be replaced by a Battle Pass. So let’s think about it… If I have 500 loot boxes, what’s going to happen to them when Overwatch 2 launches? The creators wanted to help the community with these questions, so yesterday an AMA was held, that is, a question and answer between the players and the developers.


The fate of your coins and boxes in Overwatch 2

Let’s start with the easy stuff: loot boxes. I’m sure more than one of you will have about 500 unopened boxes ❗
If this is the case, do not worry too much about them. As soon as Overwatch 2 launches, all crates you own will automatically open, and all content will automatically transfer ✌
What if they are event boxes? Well, just like the normal ones, there are no differences in this ⭐
And now comes the other part. As you know, the game currently has three types of currencies: credits, Tokens and competitive points (golden weapon) ❗
And what will happen to these? Which will also carry over to Overwatch 2. You won’t lose a single coin ✅
Have you already seen the new Junker Queen video? ✌

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