What will we see in Extraordinary Attorney Woo? The director reveals 2022 #celebrity

If you are also closely following the experiences of the lawyer Woo Young Woo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, then surely you are curious to know what direction the story will take and here are some important details of what you can expect.

The episodes of kdrama Extraordinary Attorney Woo are gradually reaching the catalog of Netflix Latin America and many fans have already been conquered by the proposal and the plot of this Korean production, which follows the life of a lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome who begins to work in a law firm.

The story has everything, emotional and reflective moments, a dose of comedy and moments that will make you laugh with its characters, as well as life lessons, but although this is already one of the most popular dramas of the moment, the best is yet to come. to come.

The drama It is being broadcast at different rates in Korea and Latin America, but that has not stopped fans from showing all their support for the new episodes. What will happen next in Extraordinary Attorney Woo? Here we tell you the clues that the director of the Serie.

Woo Young Woo will have love and disappointment in Extraordinary Attorney Woo

So far we have seen the lawyer played by Park Eun-bin facing challenges at work and showing her potential, leaving aside the perception that others have of her, but it has not been an easy road.

In the next chapters, Woo Young Woo you will still encounter obstacles, but you will also experience the lovebecause we will even see a date with Lee Joonho, with whom he has already begun to show some sparks of romance. However, this will also lead her to face doubts, sadness and confusion, which path will she take in the end?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo To Delve Into New Aspects Of Woo Young Woo

Director Yoo In Sik also said that there is much to discover in Woo Young Woo’s life, so we will soon learn more about his family and his relationship with them, as well as his story.

But that’s not all, because if you loved the appearance of some whales at the beginning of the story, soon we will see more of them and their connection with the protagonist. OMG!

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