What Would Be The Concept of The Next Episode? 2022 #Celebrity

The group SEVENTEEN returned a few weeks ago with their new repackage album SECTOR 17, since then, the group has been very active promoting their new songs. However, that didn’t stop some members from starting to think about what they want to do next on their reality show Going SEVENTEEN TTT.

SEVENTEEN has a special reality show called Going SEVENTEEN, where they enjoy all kinds of adventures with their groupmates. Some days ago, THE8 confessed that he has spoken with the leader about the next episode and what you want the group to do.

CARAT loves to see SEVENTEEN on different variety shows as it is a way to get to know the group better when they are not projecting their idol image. For this reason, they have a special affection for Going SEVENTEENthe group’s reality show where they do all kinds of activities.

Currently, SEVENTEEN is back with their new album SECTOR 17, and the idols are promoting the album on different shows, either individually or as a group. In addition to that, the group received a nomination at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.

SEVENTEEN wants to go skiing in the next episode of TTT

At one of SEVENTEEN’s most recent fanmeetings, THE8 talked about what they want SEVENTEEN to do in the future, especially on the show. Going SEVENTEEN TTT.

When asked what concept he would like the next episode of TTT. THE8 mentioned that he had already talked about it with S.Coups and that he proposed that in the next episode the whole group go to a ski resort to be able to relax with his companions and ski for a while.

However, he mentioned that the entire group currently has a very tight schedule, so it will be impossible to film a new episode, but he hopes that day will come soon and he and his fellow members can spend some quality time together. You can see the moment he said it here:

Where can I watch the episodes of Going SEVENTEEN in Spanish?

Several of the Going SEVENTEEN episodes can be found at Youtube with Spanish subtitles. In this reality show, SEVENTEEN have all kinds of different adventures while enjoying vacations with their peers, always trying new things. Do you plan to watch the episodes while waiting for the new one?

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