What You Didn’t See From J-Hope’s Jack In The Box Party 2022 #Celebrity

The night before the release of his album Jack In The Box, BTS’s J-Hope threw a launch party where he invited dozens of Korean celebrities, from singers, actors, rappers, even dancers and all kinds of stars. Now, the BangtanTV channel shared the vlog with scenes never before seen by fans. What other things happened at J-Hope’s party?

J-Hope of BTS gave a party before the release of Jack In The Box Party, where many celebrities gathered. Several days before this party, a vlog was revealed with new scenes about what happened at the party. How did the idol have fun with his friends?

The party de J-Hope had all kinds of attendees, although the guests of honor were the members of BTS, who could not leave their partner alone at such an important moment in their career. In the new vlog shared by the company, you can see why the group is so close.

J-Hope’s party featured prominent guests such as Jessi, HyunA, Dawn, PH-1, BIGBANG’s Taeyang, Cha Eun Woo, Park Seo Joon, and more. For this reason, dozens of fandoms were excited to discover that their favorite artist had been part of the event. What else happened?

J-Hope spent a lot of time with BTS at their Jack In The Box party

The launch party J-Hope’s Jack In The Box was a huge success and dozens of celebrities gathered to celebrate Arson’s new achievement as a performer, who thrilled the world with the release of his new album.

Although many artists were invited, those who stood out the most were the members of bts who did not hesitate to come to support the first member who would release his solo album. For that reason, as soon as they arrived at the party, J Hope the hug hard and even kissed her cheeks.

On the other hand, during the course of the evening, the members stayed together, either in groups of two or three, they met during various moments of the night while enjoying the music and the atmosphere.

In the vlog you can see different behind-the-scenes scenes of many photographs that were previously revealed and others that fans had not had a chance to see. In addition to that, it could be seen how all the guests They had fun during the evening.

J-Hope confessed that he felt grateful for all the guests who attended

Finally, J Hope He confessed that he was very happy for all the people who attended the party. He felt very honored and thanked all the people who congratulated him on his new album. He also mentioned that this party meant a lot to him as it was the beginning of a new point in his career history. Although at one point he mentioned that he felt sad that Suga couldn’t be there, he still felt happy about his new achievement.

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