When Does BETWEEN 1&2 Premiere, Comeback Details 2022 #Celebrity

Many big-name K-Pop groups are having a comeback in August, and TWICE is one of them. On that occasion, the girls plan to come back with their eleventh mini album, which promises to have their characteristic colorful style. So far, JYP Entertainment has shared a poster with the release date and other important details.

JYP Entertainment reported that TWICE will do come back in August with a new mini album called BETWEEN 1&2. The group will have a comeback with nine members and plans to be one of the most popular comebacks of the summer.

ONCE is very happy after hearing the news of the group’s comeback. Until a few weeks ago, the biggest concern of the fans was if all the members would renew their contract with the company. To the relief of many, after announcing that they would continue with JYP Entertainment, they also announced that they would be making a comeback with all nine members.

Last year, TWICE’s Jeongyeon decided to take a hiatus from the group to improve her mental health after suffering from anxiety. Many fans were worried about whether he would stay in the group or not. Fortunately, the member returned to the last concerts of the group’s tour and returned to participate actively with TWICE.

TWICE returns with new mini album BETWEEN 1&2

Through the group’s official Twitter account, a colorful poster was shared announcing the come back TWICE for the month of August, with their 11th mini album BETWEEN 1&2.

In the poster you can see what looks like a light switch with the album title ‘BETWEEN 1&2’, on top of that, a phrase which says: Tell me what you want. Using the colors pink and sand on the poster, this comeback is expected to have its style romantic and colorful so characteristic of the group.

So far, it is known that the return will involve the nine members of the group. However, both the concept and the number of songs or style they will use have not been revealed. Many fans hope that more information will be revealed in the coming days.

When does TWICE’s new mini album BETWEEN 1&2 release?

TWICE’s BETWEEN 1&2 premieres on 26 of August this year at 1:00 p.m. (KST). If you want to join the pre-sale of the album, it will be available from July 26 and will be open to everyone. Without a doubt, the members of TWICE will brighten up the summer with one of their catchy and fun songs. Do you already want to listen to the group’s new album?

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