Where Does G-Dragon Live? Bought New Penthouse in This Area of ​​Korea

G-Dragon: Since the event he attended for Chanel, G-Dragon has kept a low profile, away from the media. However, his latest acquisition gave a lot to talk about, due to the high cost of the new property that is now in his name. Why did G-Dragon’s new penthouse get so much attention?

G-Dragon now owns a new penthouse at Yongsan-gu in Seoul. In an exclusive apartment complex. This new acquisition caught the attention of Internet users due to the price of the complex and the payment method.

Netizens once again confirmed that BIGBANG members have great purchasing power. G-Dragon proved it after his new purchase of a penthouse worth more than 16 billion won, making it one of the most expensive apartments in South Korea.

However, why did this G-Dragon purchase draw so much attention, and what is it that makes this penthouse so special? Some sources revealed new information about G-Dragon’s new house.

G-Dragon paid $16 billion won in cash for his new penthouse

Singer G-Dragon bought the exclusive penthouse called Nine One Hannam for 16.4 billion won, which is equivalent to approximately $13.1 million USD. Spanning 244 square meters, the penthouse is located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

The idol paid the full price of the penthouse completely in cash. Causing this complex to become the most expensive property registered in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Well, the property with the highest registered cost had been The Penthouse Cheongdam with a value of $14.5 billion won.

Why is G-Dragon’s new penthouse so exclusive?

Nine One Hannam has a total of 10 penthouses in its complex and is located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Each penthouse has its own parking lot and a private elevator. Of the 10 penthouses, 7 already have an owner. Who else could be G-Dragon’s neighbor?

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