Where Does Gong Yoo Live? The Actor’s House and Other Properties 2022 #Celebrity

Drama stars often have impressive houses or apartments, Gong Yoo is one of the most famous actors in South Korea and today we tell you where he lives. If you are a fan of korean dramassurely on more than one occasion you were conquered by the characters of this boy. Gong Yoo He started his acting career in 2001 when he appeared in the KBS drama School 4, but he hasn’t stopped working ever since.

The charisma and talent of this celebrity made him one of the favorite stars, as he has also played memorable characters in K-dramas as The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, Big Goblin and more.

With all the popularity he has accumulated, he also managed to create his own fortune and part of it has been invested in the properties he owns today, but where does Gong Yoo live?

Gong Yoo’s house in South Korea, what is it like and where is it located?

The actor who played Kim Shin in Goblin: The Lonely and Great God has acquired different properties in various parts of South Korea, each for different purposes.

Gong Yoo is known to live in Sindang-dong, a Jung-gu neighborhood located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. There, the actor has an apartment, but although this celeb has shown some of his properties, since it is his residence, this is not one of the places that he has chosen to share with the public.

Gong Yoo has a residence that became very famous, where is it?

Korean media previously shared that Gong Yoo has a vacation home located on Jeju Island, a villa costing around 650 million won that is only 30 minutes from the Jeju Island airport.

Before purchasing it, Gong Yoo had already talked about how much he loved visiting Jeju, so now this is a villa that comes in handy when he wants to rest and relax to the fullest.

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