Where Does SEVENTEEN Currently Live, Are They Still Living Together? 2022 #Celebrity

SEVENTEEN: Many K-Pop groups usually live together for a while or permanently, today you will find out where the members of SEVENTEEN live in 2022 and what their plans are about their next houses.

K-Pop companies often provide one or more dormitories for their all trainees, but when the debut of some of them arrives, it’s time to rethink where the idols will live. Do you know the story of the bedroom of SEVENTEEN?

Years ago, when the group debuted, all the members lived in the same dorm. This has caused a lot of curiosity in the fans about how they were organized and how it was considering that SEVENTEEN has 13 members.

Time passed and the success of these idols from k pop increased in a surprising way, so also the place where they live has been transformed.

SEVENTEEN’s bedroom: Where the group lives and what you should know about their house

Previously, they revealed that they usually change dorms every 2-3 years. In 2019 they took a look at what their house looked like through the program The Manager and here you can see a little about it.

But then, where does SEVENTEEN currently live? The group lives in 3 different dormitories within the same building in Seoul. The distribution of the bedrooms would apparently be as follows:

Jeonghan lives together with Woozi, Hoshi and Seungkwan. In another bedroom are S.Coups, Joshua and THE8. The third corresponds to Jun, Vernon, Dino and DK, while the last one would be for Wonwoo, and Mingyu.

Are the members of SEVENTEEN still living together in 2022?

Due to the aforementioned, we can say that yes, the members of SEVENTEEN are still living together in 2022, because although they are in different dormitories, they are all part of the same building.

Also, you will be surprised to know that these guys love to be together and that is why they have commented that even in many years, when they each have their own house, it would be great if they were all close.

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