Which Altcoin Projects Will Do 10x? Here are the Answers!

Altcoin: David Gokhshtein, chairman of a blockchain media company, wants to increase his crypto investments. However, rekt does not want to live. For this reason, the famous CEO went to his Twitter page and asked his 660,000 users which crypto projects he would not receive. Rekt is a cryptocurrency term meaning that an investor has completely lost his capital. Additionally, Gokhstein asked his users to tell which altcoin projects would yield 10x returns. As a result, he received various responses. Here are the details…


Which altcoin projects have 10x potential

Gokhshtein said that he has set aside around $2000 for the purpose of investing in the crypto space. Then he asked his followers for help on which altcoin projects would do 10x. Accordingly, the CEO is not sure which project he should invest the money in. He is actively considering Bitcoin and other crypto assets that may occasionally rise after the bulls bounce back. First, the most prominent crypto asset has been Bitcoin. BTC still remains the joy of every investor. Also, Gokhshtein does not overlook the potential of Proof-of-Work (PoW) crypto. Despite a below-average performance this year, Bitcoin still controls a large portion of the crypto market.

However, other projects continue to run for the top spot. Accordingly, Ethereum, the most valuable altcoin in the current market, is currently preparing to migrate to the proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol. Ether has a very strong position in multiple emerging ecosystems. Therefore, with the network’s transition to the PoS consensus mechanism, it is possible for ETH to gain significant value. However, investors are apparently not investing in the leading smart contract network Ether. This is because they do not see ETH as a parabolic project to allocate capital in the eyes of investors.

SHIB tops the list

Responses to Gokhstein show that the popular meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a clear winner for the $2,000 investment. Shiba Inu, one of the top meme tokens, is starting to become a more useful altcoin in the dog-themed crypto environment as real-world use cases evolve. Several users highlighted the upcoming layer-2 sidechain of the project called Shibarium. Accordingly, BONE is a network token running on the Shiba Inu ecosystem that facilitates on-chain transactions.

SHIB 1D graph coinmarketcap

Users also said that Shiba Inu’s NFT and Metaverse moves give the token a more fundamental boost. Both ecosystems will begin to play important roles in mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Thus, investors predict that SHIB will be the winner in the long run. AmkNews.com As we reported, SHIB currently trades at four decimal places of dollar valuation. Accordingly, an investment of $2,000 means adding one million SHIB tokens to the bag. It is possible that such a large amount of tokens could generate 10x gains as the crypto market is in an uptrend.

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