Which TWICE Member is The Richest of The Entire Group? 2022 #Celebrity

TWICE: The seventh anniversary of TWICE will soon be celebrated, since their debut in K-Pop the idols have achieved one success after another, but that has also been reflected in their earnings. Who in the group has a greater fortune?

Currently, TWICE is one of the K-Pop female groups with the greatest impact worldwide, but within South Korea its recognition and popularity began from its debut, because before that the members had already made themselves known and the charming rhythm of their songs only reinforced the connection that the public established with the group.

After almost seven years together, the members of TWICE have not only taken over music shows, but as their music gains popularity they increase their Profits as idols of k pop.

But how are you? singers shine within the group, each one has had individual activities and that is why their fortune It varies from member to member.

Tzuyu is the highest earning TWICE member

Although all the girls in the girl group currently have a fortune that is only a result of their work in the music industry, Tzuyu She is the member of TWICE with the greatest economic power by having superior wealth.

This idol has not only worked as a singer and dancer with the K-Pop group, she is the visual within TWICE and that has led her to work with different brands and perform as a model, so little by little she has added different projects that are reflected in income.

TWICE’s fortune: what is the value of the K-Pop girl group?

Until last year, financial specialists reported that TWICE’s net worth as a group amounted to around 35 million dollars, however many things have happened since then.

Let’s remember that at the end of last year the idols had musical releases for Korea, Japan and even a song in English. In addition, they began a world tour that ended recently, which undoubtedly impacted the wealth of each of them, as well as the group.

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