White House Will Now Become Blockchain Advisor

While the regulatory work on cryptocurrencies continues at full speed, the development in Blockchain technology is increasing. In particular, the United States, which is under crypto regulatory pressure, has recently updated US Technology LawHe added another important item to . So now White House‘of Blockchain It will be the advisor’s seat.


The White House Now Has the Chair of Blockchain Advisor

While the efforts to combat inflation in the US continue at full speed, crypto regulatory pressures continue. At this point, the development and importance of Blockchain technology cannot be ignored. That’s why the legislation, with support from both parties in Congress after a House vote on Thursday, is creating a new advisory seat on blockchain and cryptocurrencies to work in the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Speaking on the subject, Darren Soto, Co-Chair of the Congressional Blockchain Group, made the following statements:

“I am proud to develop the policy needed to ensure innovation continues to take shape in our government”

Finally, let us state that this bill, known as the Chip and Science Act, is considered an important political gain for the party and President Biden.

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