Who Are The Siblings of Each Member of The Group?

ENHYPEN: In the world of K-Pop, it is very common for many of the idols to have older or younger siblings and they tend to become very popular among fans even though they are mostly non-celebrities. ENHYPEN is no exception, as each of the members has spoken about the people she shared her home with during childhood.

ENHYPEN is a seven-member group that debuted in 2020. Being a multicultural group With 4 Koreans, an Australian, an American, and a Japanese, you’re probably wondering what other interesting facts they have about them. These are the ENHYPEN members who have siblings.

If you are a fan of ENHYPEN or want to become a fan of ENHYPEN, you surely want to know how many siblings each member has. Although not everyone had the joy of growing up with life partners, those who do have siblings have not hesitated to talk about them. This is what you should know about the ENHYPEN brothers.

How many siblings do the members of ENHYPEN have?

Heesung only has one brother and is two years older than him. The idol has confessed that he has a great relationship with him, in which they usually joke a lot and live together all the time. Besides that, he hasn’t revealed much information about himself.

Jake also has an older brother. But so far not many details have been revealed like his name or what kind of relationship he has with him. On many occasions, despite having an idol family, people prefer to keep their identities away from entertainment.

Sunghoon has a younger sister and their age difference is 5 years. So far it is only known that her name is Park Yeji but the idol has not shared any more information regarding her little sister, deciding to keep her away from the show.

Sunoo has an older sister whom he is very close to. The idol has also confessed that his sister is a fan of ENHYPEN and that she has Sunghoon and Jay as a bias.

Jungwon has an older sister who is two years apart from him. The idol has confessed to having a good relationship with her sister, although he has not revealed many details regarding her.

While Ni-Ki is the only member with two sisters, one older than him and one younger than him, making him the middle brother. His sisters are called Konon and Sola. Konon has become very popular among fans because of his liking for uploading videos doing dance covers of different artists, especially ENHYPEN. It has even been rumored that because of his talent, he could debut with an idol as well.

In Jay’s case, he is the only member who doesn’t have siblings in ENHYPEN. Surely it was different growing up as an only child.

What is ENHYPEN currently doing?

ENHYPEN is currently preparing to return with new music in July and recently released a cover of Queen’s song A Kind of Magic for a Coca Cola Japan ad campaign. You can listen to the cover here:

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