Why could Yang Do Hyuk Have Changed The Ending? 2022 #Celebrity

Yang Do Hyuk: For many people, the ending of None was not to their liking. After seeing a relationship with many ups and downs chapter by chapter, some wished for a different fate for Na Bi. Destiny that changed considerably in the webtoon, especially with the character of Yang Do Hyuk.

None, None also known as Still, it is a story of two art students who try to have a relationship while both are somewhat wary of love. Featuring Song Kang, Han So Hee, and Chae Jong Hyeop, he had endings very different in webtoon and drama.

This story had widely divided opinions among viewers, while some were team Jae Uhm, others preferred supporting character Do Hyuk, who quickly stole the hearts of fans with his sincerity and faithfulness to his childhood sweetheart.

If the K-drama had been completely based on the webtoon, how much would Do Hyuk and Na Bi’s fate have changed? This is an alternate ending that many of the fans who weren’t convinced by the ending of None might have liked.

Yang Do Hyuk, the character who had a different ending in the None webtoon

Yang Do Hyuk appeared in the story as Na Bi’s childhood friend. A sweet and charming young man who only had eyes for the protagonist, unlike Jae Uhn, who constantly flirted with other women.

During his story, Do Hyuk strives to win Na Bi’s heart and turns into a love triangle where the viewer had no idea who he was going to choose in the end.

For this reason, when after a strong argument between Na Bi and Jae Uhn, they end up completely in the webtoon and Na Bi decides to walk away from relationships. Until some time after she meets Do Hyuk again and goes on a date, in the end, Na Bi seems to choose him to try to fall in love again and they end up holding hands.

Although it will be difficult for the protagonist to trust relationships again, she seems to have a happy ending with the secondary character, the childhood friend of her first love.

How did None end up in K-Drama?

In the K-Drama, after the terrible argument that Na Bi and Jae Uhm had, they decide to calm down a bit and continue trying their relationship. On this occasion, seeking to be more honest with each other and work for their love. Although this ending pleased the people who were Team Jae Uhm, many questioned the protagonist’s decision to continue in a relationship in which there was no trust and both constantly hurt each other. What ending do you prefer?

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