Why Did Hansu Always Dress Up At Pachinko? 2022 #Celebrity

For many, a wardrobe is not only a garment that you decide to wear one day, it can have a much deeper meaning. So it was for Hansu, the character played by Lee Min Ho in his most recent Pachinko series, an Apple TV+ production. Do you want to know the meaning that Hansu gave to his suits?

Lee Min Ho debuted as a villain in Pachinko, playing the mysterious Hansu, a businessman who becomes the nightmare of the young Sunja. For the actor, this role was a great challenge and he did not hesitate to reveal the secrets from Hansu to his fans.

Panchiko has settings from three different countries: South Korea, Japan, and the United States. And she tells the story of several generations and how their lives change during the Japanese occupation of South Korea. Although many characters wear typical Korean costumes of the time, Hansu always wears a Western style of light-colored, flashy suits. What is this about?

Lee Min Ho Confessed The Real Reason Hansu Always Wears A Suit

In an interview for an Argentine newspaper, the renowned Hallyu actor Lee Min Ho spoke about his participation in Pachinko and the secrets behind his first role as a villain, the mysteries Koh Hansu. Between them, she confessed why Hansu always wore elegant suit.

For Lee Min Ho Although Hansu was a villain, he always tried to protect himself from the rest and the suits he wore were his tool to achieve it. By dressing so elegantly, this became a protective shield for him, it helped him stay away from the rest.

On the other hand, Lee Min Ho confessed that he had a lot of fun while choosing fashionable clothes for the costumes he would wear to play Hansu and gave fans iconic looks they will never forget.

Where can I watch Pachinko with Spanish subtitles?

Pachinko is available on the platform AppleTV+ and you need a subscription to be able to see its chapters. In the case of not having a platform account, you can find it on the site doramas-online-gratis. Inspired by an international best seller, Pachinko has stolen the hearts of thousands and even caught the attention of film critics, being one of the possible candidates for several nominations. Among them, for best actor for Lee Min Ho at the 2022 Emmy Awards. Have you seen it yet?

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