Why did Kai Cry on The Group’s 10th Anniversary? 2022 #Celebrity

EXO debuted in April 2012 and for their 10th anniversary, the group had a fanmeeting with their fans. Although not all the members were able to be present, DO remembers perfectly the moments that had the greatest impact on him, especially when Kai began to cry.

During the fan meeting for him EXO anniversarythe members lived all kinds of moments together but only one caught the attention of DO and it was seeing Kai cry as soon as they met with EXO-L.

It’s been a while since EXO last met as a group. For this reason, when the members gathered for their 10th anniversary fanmeeting, Kyungsoo was surprised to see the excitement of his fellow members.

During the month of April EXO had a fanmeeting for him debut anniversary where DO, Kai, Sehun, Suho and Xiumin met. Although other members were unable to be part of the event, it was very emotional for each of the members and EXO-L.

Kai cried with emotion meeting EXO-L again on their anniversary

For an interview, EXO’s DO talked about the best moments they had during the fanmeeting where they met with their fans to celebrate the 10th anniversary since their debut. Among those moments, the idol could not help but mention one that remained completely in his memory.

Kyungsoo mentioned that at the time they met with their fans, Kai couldn’t help but start mourn. Although she was totally surprised to see his mate in such a state, he could understand. The actor assured that he knew that Kai was very excited because it had been a long time since they last met with him. EXO-L That’s why it was an important moment for everyone.

Baekhyun and Chen also attended EXO’s anniversary event

On the other hand, although they did not go on stage, DO shared that both Baekhyun and Chen were present on that important date. The only members missing at the time were Chanyeol and Lay, though Lay made sure to get a special song to his fellow EXO members as part of an anniversary present. Did you like seeing the group together once again?

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