Why did Suzy Want To Play Seo Dal Mi in the K-Drama? 2022 #Celebrity

We cannot imagine Start Up with a different cast, the protagonists did an excellent job interpreting their characters within the drama, can you imagine what was the reason that Suzy wanted to be part of the story? She reveals it herself.

At the end of 2020, tvN premiered a production that from the beginning caught the attention of many with the proposal it was presenting. start-up is a drama which leads us to meet several young people with big dreams, all of them want to have their own company and make it succeed with their effort.

The main cast consisted of Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seonho, Kang Hanna and of course, Bae Suzy who played the lead in the role of Seo Dal Mi, do you remember this character?

Through history, Suzy It had inspiring scenes, some romantic, reflection and even broken hearts, but although the fans loved the K-Drama, this korean actress reveals how he chose to be part of this production.

What makes Start Up drama unique? Suzy told why the series is special

At a conference to promote the drama Suzy confessed that the drama caught her attention because the subject of start-ups seemed very fresh and new, something that has not been dealt with much in series and that many times we do not realize how present they are in our lives.

Furthermore, at this actress He found the story moving because we can see young people who are fighting for their dreams, even if sometimes they seem clumsy, they push themselves and take on the challenges, so it’s very meaningful to see them pursue success. AWW!

Seo Dal Mi, the character of Suzy in Start Up that you will not be able to forget

The East korean drama Suzy plays a college girl named Seo Dal Mi she has a big dream and wants to open her own business, but she cannot start building it with the activities she has at that moment.

That is why she decides to drop out of school and start working at the same time, saving the money she needs and also learning about the best ones so that her entrepreneurship gives her the results she hopes for.

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