Why didn’t Jessi Renew Her Contract With P Nation? 2022 #Celebrity

P Nation: Through an official statement, P Nation revealed that the contract he had with the soloist Jessi came to an end and that it would not be renewed, completely saddening the rapper’s followers. To reassure her fans, Jessi sent a message through Instagram.

P Nation reported that after three years at the agency, jessie He decided not renew its exclusive contract. Completely alarming her fans about the reasons why the soloist ended her contract.

Bitter news for the fans of P Nation and Jessi, as the news that the rapper decided not to renew her contract with her agency completely saddened her fans. Recently, she had made a comeback with the song ZOOM, which quickly became very popular on all networks. For that reason, the end of her contract alarmed her fans.

Until now, P Nation gave an official statement informing about the situation in which they were with Jessi. On the other hand, the singer also sent a special message to her followers through Instagram. What happened?

Jessi decided not to renew her contract with P Nation, the agency reported.

Through an official statement, P Nation reported that after three years working together, the exclusive contract of Jessi had come to an end and unfortunately, after expire this would not be renewed.

In its message, the company expressed that Jessi was very loved by everyone, because in addition to being the first artist to join P Nation, she had also always made everyone happy along with her fans, who have been very affectionate with both her and her. agency. They also added that each of their achievements were celebrated by all members of the company.

Similarly, they assured that even if they decided to take separate paths, will continue to support Jessi in her future and her new activities. Assuring fans that both the company and Jessi had ended their relationship on good terms.

Jessi asked her fans for time while she clarified her ideas and assured that it was not her retirement

On the other hand, the message that Jessi left in Instagram alerted his followers a bit. But at the same time it gave them the relief they needed. In a publication the soloist she commented that she understood that people would make rumors based on her current situation, but that she would say the truth at the time. He could only make his followers have patience as he took a deep breath and collected his ideas. He also added that he had not rested since he started his career in 2005.

On the other hand, she assured her fans that the only thing she was sure of was that this would not be her withdrawal, which was just the beginning. He also thanked his fans for all the unconditional support they have given him all these years and assured that he would be P Nation for life.

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