Why Her? Chapter 2, When Does She Premiere And What Will She Be About?

Why Her: June came with the best premieres in the world of Korean dramas, Why Her has just started but its second episode only raised the excitement and curiosity about the story, what will happen in the K-Drama?

As we have already told you in Rex Nation, Hwang In-yeop is back with a new character and next to Seo Hyunjin stars why her, where they play Gong Chan and Oh Soo Jae respectively. She is a lawyer whose bad decision makes her lose everything, while he is a young student at the Faculty of Law.

The first episode of the drama let us see a meeting of these two leads, but they started off on the wrong foot and a stumble by Gong Chan led him to take two hits from the girl who was full of anger.

What twist will lead the characters to come together on the same path? The episode 2 gives us a hint about it and here you will find the details.

Seo Hyun Jin will have a new start in Why Her, reunites with Hwang In Yeop

Having lost his position at a law firm where he seemed to be at the top, oh soo jae does not plan to give up, in new images the protagonist meets with the CEO of her former firm and the tension rises, but this is just the beginning of a new stage.

On the other hand, we see the students of the Faculty of Law gathered and with serious looks in front of an announcement in the middle of a dinner. In addition, the teaser for the new chapter of the K-Drama Why Her shows us Seo Hyun Jin bringing her character to life and returning to the classroom.

Oh Soo Jae won’t let her guard down in Why Her, when to watch episode 2?

The scenes that we present to you announce the new beginning of the protagonist who is determined to move forward and not let herself be defeated at any cost. The second episode of Why Her has just been released, so you can already watch it on different platforms.

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