Why Her? Has Exciting Accusations in His New Episode

Why Her?: If you like mystery K-Dramas, then you shouldn’t miss Why Her? The story does not stop capturing us with new cases and accusations where the characters are increasingly involved.

Previously we told you that the drama of the lawyer oh soo jae begins when she loses her job at a well-known law firm, returns to teach at a university, and that’s where she meets up with gong chan.

The leading lady of the drama was called to tend to a girl, but the tension rose causing an atmosphere that seemed about to explode. As Oh Soo Jae tries to move on with her life, a new challenge came in front of her framing her in a very serious case and everything got complicated.

What happened in episode 4 of Why Her? Here you will find the details of the most exciting in this korean drama.

Oh Soo Jae is accused of a crime in Why Her, what happened in the drama?

Park So Young and Oh Soo Jae had an encounter at her law firm, but the girl was later found dead, and her sister immediately blamed the lawyer. The investigations began and it seemed that the protagonist was in the middle of a trap.

Oh Soo Jae was arrested as a suspect, but she helped the process by clearing her name and Park Ji Young was charged as the new suspect behind what happened to her sister.

Hwang In Yeop, Seo Hyun Jin, And More Unite As An Investigative Team

The case is still under investigation and Oh Soo Jae will be part of it, so he meets with other of his students, including the character from Hwang In-yeop. They all look very serious as they strive to get to the bottom of the matter and gradually become a skilled investigative team that will be key to the story.

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