Why Her? Reveals Secrets From The Characters’ Pasts 2022 #Celebrity

Why Her?: Seo Hyun Jin and Hwang In Yeop raised the excitement in the new episodes of Why Her? The secrets of the past are coming to light as the clashes for justice continue.

One of the korean dramas in broadcast that has kept us on the edge of the seat is Why Her? The story of a lawyer named Oh Soo Jae who returns to teach at the university after her success began to unravel.

So far we have seen Gong Chan (the character of Hwang In-yeop) protect her and let her know of his feelings, but even though she had been avoiding him we know there is something else that unites them, only she couldn’t remember it.

Now that the secret has come to light, we also discover the true feelings of the K-Drama protagonist. Why Her? discovering the truth.

Hwang In Yeop’s true identity is revealed in Why Her?

Previously, gong chan He used to be called Kim Dong Gu, but he changed his name and got a new identity to prevent the accusations he faced in the past from continuing to haunt him. Now oh soo jae knows who he really is: the boy he defended in court years ago.

Seo Hyun Jin’s character begins to forcefully drive the boy away, but he explains to her the motives behind the lie. However, Oh Soo Jae reveals that the reason why he can’t keep up with him is because he abandoned him while he was Kim Dong Gu even though he knew that he needed his support.

Why Her? will show a new Oh Soo Jae showdown

The challenges for Oh Soo Jae continue and she will have to face Seo Joo Myung again, who even surprises the classroom where the protagonist is with her students.

The tension rises instantly, but Seo Hyun Jin’s cold gaze lets us see that she will not give in to provocations from her enemies and will remain strong until the end.

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