Why is Blackpink so popular? Ever wondered? Pink Venom

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Why is Blackpink so popular? List of all records broken by ‘Pink Venom’ in 24 hours

After Blackpin Entertainment starving their fans for two years, raising the best releases as far as ‘Pink Venom’, we’ve prepared one over-broken record

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Blackpink has arrived and has taken over August like a queen. The girl group made a comeback with their highly anticipated comeback single ‘Pink Venom‘, which was released on August 19. As the single is Blackpink’s first song to be released in the last two years, hungry Blackpink fans seem to be well fed as their new single helps the girl group break one record after another.
With ‘Pink Venom’, Blackpink surpassed most of their old records, making their new pre-release single the girl group’s best solo release to date. Some fans feel that taking a break from Blackpink for the past two years is in YG Entertainment’s favour, as it became the most watched music video of 2022 within 24 hours after fans devoured the new music video. Not only that, with ‘Pink Venom‘ Blackpink broke many more YouTube records and hit #1 on iTunes charts around the world. While the number of records broken by Blackpink is increasing, here is the list of all records broken by Blackpink’s ‘Pink Venom’ in the last 24 hours.

Is Blackpink the most popular K-pop group?

Blackpink’s new record-breaking single ‘Pink Venom’ will be the girl group’s first release since 2020 ‘How You Like That’ from their first full-length album ‘The Album’. The single draws many parallels to ‘How You Like That’, allowing fans to marvel at the creativity and thought of the single’s tie-in to the girl group’s final song.
From Jennie standing under black umbrellas to Lisa eating a turning black apple, until Jisoo’s white chair turns black and Rose enters a much darker place compared to her recent music videos. ‘Pink Venom’ proves that the girl group is back with their best solo hits, and fans waiting for the most popular girl group to make a comeback will be pleased to hear that the single has been a phenomenal hit on the charts.

Blackpink’s ‘Pink Venom’ breaks multiple records

The single, which had 86 million views on YouTube in its first 24 hours of release, broke BTS’s ‘Yet To Come’ record, making it the biggest music video ever in 2022. Not only that, Blackpink’sPink Venom’ also became the fastest music video by a K-pop group to surpass 6 million likes on the platform in 2022. The single is performing well on local charts as it surpassed 468,000 unique listeners on MelOn within the first 24 hours of its release, making it the second best album after 2022, the ‘Still Life’ of their label BIGBANG. .
Not only YouTube recordings, Blackpink topped multiple iTunes charts with ‘Pink Venom’ and the song hit #1 on the iTunes Worldwide Song Chart, showing the most popular song in four continents: North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. The single also topped iTunes’ Top Song Chart in 69 territories worldwide.

Shortly after its release, ‘Pink Venom‘ hit #1 on local Korean charts like Bugs, Vibe, Genie, and MelOn and hit an all-kill on the real-time charts. Although the single is still the pre-release track of the girl group’s second regular album ‘Born Pink’, the album itself received 1.5 million pre-orders within six days of its announcement, making it a female K’s best-selling album. -pop group, a month before its release.

The music video for Blackpink’sPink Venom‘ breaks multiple records making it their most successful comeback after a two-year long hiatus

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