Why is BTS So Famous? Producer Pdogg Tells The Secret 2022 #Celebrity

In addition to the effort, dedication and hard work of the BTS members throughout their career, there is another element in these idols that was the key to their becoming world famous, a BigHit producer reveals what it is.

Currently, BTS It is the most popular group and has achieved enormous popularity in different countries. The fandom of this K-Pop group is present everywhere and that only helps the idols maintain the leadership in music charts, continue to break records and cause a furor with each release.

If we add to that the achievements they have achieved inside and outside of music, as well as the recognitions and nominations they have obtained, we can see that these singers of K-Pop they really are stars.

But how did BTS go from striving to be famous in South Korea to being recognized everywhere for their music and huge international presence?

BTS loves music, that was the key to their success according to a BigHit producer

Recently, the music producer of BigHit known as pdogg, gave an interview where among many things, he talked about the members of BTS and their impact on music. He has been working together with idols for years and so he knows very well how everything works when preparing a music release and promoting it.

That’s why he was asked how come Bangtan Sonyeondan became a worldwide star group, to which he replied that it was because these idols they really love to make music and always find moments to ready new songs, as a passion but not an obligation:

When they are on tour, they make songs by themselves on the plane and also continue to work in the hotel room. It’s not something other people tell you to do.

The producer who has worked with BTS and knows them perfectly, thinks that this installment is also seen by the public, so fans can see the dedication that the idols put into each project.

What motivates BTS to give themselves totally to creating songs?

Pdogg shared that, just as the seven members of the group share their dream in music, they all have an ambition that motivates them to work hard and be totally passionate about their work.

This team member BigHit He also stressed that it is the idols of BTS who always have the initiative and tell the company what they have in mind, if they are thinking of a song or have come up with something, so despite the time they continue to have that same enthusiasm as on his debut.

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