Why is BTS V’s Red Jacket So Special? 2022 #Celebrity

In his recent participation in the CELINE event in Paris, BTS’s Taehyung drew sighs with a completely black outfit accompanied by a red jacket that made him stand out from the crowd. After seeing his look, many fans were reminded of the meaning red jackets have for V and the story of why they are so important to him.

V of BTS has a significant relationship with the red jackets. In addition to being a style that characterizes him, they also keep many special memories for the idol, especially with his mother.

A few days ago V from BTS was in Paris to attend a parade of the CELINE brand as a special guest as part of Paris Fashion Week. Before entering the event, Taehyung wore an incredible black outfit with a red jacket that made him stand out from the crowd and steal everyone’s attention.

However, the red jackets are not just a fashion icon for him. They have a much deeper meaning, which makes him completely grateful to his mother. What do they mean to him?

Taehyung loves red jackets thanks to a touching story with his mother

A while ago, Taehyung from BTS told why he loves red jackets so much and what they mean to him, completely moving the fandom that every time he sees him in red, he can’t help but feel happy about what the idol will be thinking.

In an interview, Taehyung recounted that when he was a child, in an attempt not to be bullied at school, his mother gathered all his savings to buy him one branded red jacket and that way, his son could look like a person of money and avoid teasing from his peers.

From that moment, due to the great act of love that his mother had for him, Taehyung could not stop loving red jackets and proudly wear this color in different important events of his life.

Jungkook gave Taehyung a red jacket for Christmas

On the other hand, on a Christmas, Jungkook decided to give Taehyung a red jacket. When the idol received the gift from her, he couldn’t help but show it with joy and pride everywhere, you can even see her happy face when she explained that Jungkook had given it to her on a show. Demonstrating the great friendship that both have.

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