Will Squid Game Have Season 3? Hwang Dong Hyuk Reveals it 2022 #Celebrity

Hwang Dong Hyuk: While some Netflix original dramas are confirming part two and part three, fans have begun to question if Squid Game will also continue after its next season. This was said by Hwang Dong Hyuk.

The combination of korean dramas and Netflix has been a success, Squid Game it is the clearest proof and due to the success achieved by the plot now the second season is on its way.

In fact, Netflix has given several surprises in recent days, releasing posters and announcements about the new season of All of Us Are Dead, Squid Game and two new seasons of Sweet Home.

Several clues have already been revealed of what we can see in this K-Drama starring Lee Jung Jaebut will we see more of this story after the second season? Many fans are curious and the answer came from the creator of the series.

Hwang Dong Hyuk Responds To Whether Squid Game Will Continue After Season 2

Following exciting Netflix announcements that included details of what we’ll see in The Squidward Game 2, the South Korean writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk was asked if we can expect more from this story besides the sequel he’s working on.

Hwang Dong Hyuk confessed that it’s really hard to say now, so he revealed how likely it would be to work on more seasons:

It’s hard to tell. Maybe, maybe not. Let’s say 50-50

When is Squid Game 2 released? Everything we know about the sequel

Since this series is still in its initial preparations, the premiere date of Squid Game 2 is still uncertain, but when asking the director if it will be released in 2022, he pointed out that it will probably be until 2023, but nothing is decided yet.

For now we know that the story will focus on Gi Hun, who could now appear as The Front Man in the games. In addition, there has been talk of the possibility that Gong Yoo go back to the story even if it’s only briefly.

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