Wonho is Powerful in His Concept Video For his Album Facade

Wonho: One of the soloists who plans to return this month is Wonho, a former member of Monsta X. A few days ago the idol announced his comeback with a poster on his official accounts and now he has thrilled his followers with a concept video for his new album: Facade. Where he showed different faces and styles of himself.

Won ho is ready to make an incredible comeback with facade, their third mini album. He recently released a series of photographs and video with the concept from his new album, in which he looks like royalty.

Wonho’s fans can’t hide their excitement at the singer’s comeback, which is set to be another long-awaited comeback in June. So far, it has been revealed that his album will feature a total of five songs that have generated great anticipation due to their mysterious names.

If you are a fan of Wonho, you will surely love to know that his comeback is getting closer and closer and now the concept video for his new album has been released. Have you seen the photoshoot for Facade yet?

Wonho Rocks Different Mysterious Styles For Facade Concept Video

For the previews of his new mini album titled Facade, Wonho released a concept video in which he appears wearing different styles, where the predominant color is black.

In his new video, Wonho looks powerful, with costumes related to royalty in dark tones. While in some backgrounds the dark color also predominates, in others a bright white appears with which their black suits stand out. In addition to that, in the video he is seen using different weapons such as a sword or a bow.

With this advance, Wonho raised the expectations of his fans who want to know the exact concept that he will use for his comeback and that undoubtedly aims to be a comeback with an epic song that will soon become the favorite of many.

When is Facade, Wonho’s new album, released?

facade of Won ho will be officially released June 13th this year at 6:00 p.m. (KST) and will feature a total of 5 brand-new songs. So far, their fans suspect that the lead single will be Crazy, which is generating great anticipation for their comeback. Are you going to buy his new album?

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