Wooga Squad Memes With Funny Expressions You’ll Want To Use 2022 #Celebrity

The Wooga Squad is made up of actors Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, and Choi Woo Shik, singer V of BTS, and rapper Peakboy. In addition to being talented in their respective areas, they can also be very funny and the expressions they sometimes have are perfect for describing all kinds of emotions and creating new memes.

One of the most iconic friendships of Korean industry celebrities is the Wooga Squad and each of them has expressions very funny that are perfect to use in memes On your cellphone. Do you want to know which are the best?

Each of the South Korean artists let their fun sides show through and end up creating iconic memes without meaning to. Especially when they don’t mind looking unattractive and make the funniest expressions you could imagine.

Without a doubt, the Wooga Squad is a specialist in this type of expression, whether for a drama or simply playing in a program or event. Their expressions end up being unforgettable. Which ones could you use as stickers for your cell phone?

Funny expressions from the Wooga Squad that are perfect for memes

For BTS fans, the expression of taehyung when he’s thinking about something funny it’s perfect for memes. Especially if they sent you something that embarrassed you a bit but you still can’t help but laugh about it, or when you’re told your bias showed up shirtless at a presentation.

Park Seo Jun He is one of the most attractive actors of the moment. However, his expressions of displeasure are the best, this photo is perfect to send as a meme after someone told you something you didn’t like and made you annoyed by a comment.

Surprisingly, the expressions of Park Hyung Sik they are the best, especially in this scene from Strong Woman Do Bong Song where her open-mouthed expression is perfect to send as stickers when you find out some new gossip.

In the case of Choi Woo Shik Although the actor can have a more shy and adorable personality, he is not free to have funny expressions in his stories. Like in this scene from Our Beloved Summer that is perfect for when someone told you about a topic that you already knew but you needed details. How would you use it?

Unlike his friends, peakboy He has a more reserved personality and doesn’t do much on variety shows, however, his appearance on In The Soop: Friendcation has left iconic scenes showing just how funny he can be. Are you already watching the Wooga Squad show?

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