Xbox Cloud Gaming Will Have Keyboard and Mouse Support and Lower Latency

Xbox Cloud Gaming: The Microsoft is getting ready to add some very welcome improvements to the Xbox Cloud Gaming (aka xCloud) coming soon. The information is from The Verge website.

In a report published this morning, the portal says the technology giant should add keyboard and mouse support to xCloud games, your cloud gaming service. In addition, the company must also deliver best performance in the transmission of games via the cloud, with greatly reduced latency.

In a video aimed at developers and published by the company on YouTube, Morgan Brown, software engineer at MS, talked a little about what we can expect from service in the future. “Xbox has supported keyboard and mouse for years and we are working to add [este suporte] to streaming [de jogos] for PC users,” said Brown.

Speaking to the devs, the software engineer said that while support for peripherals is not yet available to users, the studios can already start adding the option of keyboard and mouse control your games “right now”. The idea at this point is to offer this alternative of controls to players on consoles and, later, do the same for those who use Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC.

According to the video, the company is also targeting significantly decrease latency in the broadcast of games on xCloud. This should be made possible thanks to a new API for displaying details, which according to the presentation could reduce latency by up to 72ms using direct capture, reproducing hardware functions in software and minimizing VSync and buffering time.

The bad news is that there is no forecast yet for these enhancements to reach end users, with Microsoft only saying that these new features will be released “soon”.

Larry Brown

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