Xiumin to Have New Solo Album, Announce Comeback

Xiumin: Good news for EXO-Ls! Another one of EXO’s members will be back soon with new music. On this occasion, the idol who promised to return to the stage was Xiumin, who confirmed her new album through a message on Bubble. What is known so far about Xiumin’s comeback?

Xiumin of EXO could be back this year, this time, with his solo debut with a new album. Although the idol has released a couple of singles, this would be her first album and the confirmation of it made her fans very excited.

EXO members continue to work on their solo activities. Recently, Suho released his new mini album Gray Suit, while Chen will be participating in Doctor Lawyer’s OST and Kai has held various concerts abroad. Now, Xiumin’s new album will be another win for EXO-L.

Xiumin asked his fans to support his new solo album

Through his Bubble account, Xiumin shared several photos to EXO-Ls of himself climbing a mountain with a group of friends. And in the messages he left for his fans, he added information that made his fans too excited.

In his message, the idol first apologized for not updating fans on his Bubble account often. He later added that he didn’t think he could climb another mountain until he completely finished his solo album. He later mentioned that from the top of the mountain he internally shouted ‘Please make my solo album a success’, thus confirming that he will have a new album soon.

So far, SM Entertainment has not released any official statement in this regard. However, for his fans it is enough that Xiumin confirmed it personally in Bubble. The date has not yet been confirmed but it is expected to come out this year. We hope that her solo debut will be a success.

EXO-Ls are very excited for Xiumin’s solo debut

Through social media, fans of EXO’s Xiumin took it upon themselves to post messages for Xiumin’s solo with the hashtag #XIUOLO. Since they have been waiting for the singer’s album for many months. From comments of congratulations and lots of joy to funny memes about it. Celebrating that the same singer confirmed and asked to give a lot of love to his new album. Are you waiting for Xiumin’s solo?

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