Xiumin will debut as a solo artist, when is his album released? 2022 #celebrity

After several years of waiting, EXO-L will finally be able to hear Xiumin solo. Although the idol had previously participated in OSTs for dramas and musicals, the For You performer and EXO member will be releasing her first solo album. A moment that many fans have been eagerly awaiting since the beginning of the year.

Xiumin of EXO will finally debut as soloist at the end of September. This was announced by SM Entertainment through EXO’s official Twitter account. What does he know so far? album of the idol?

Many fans of exo they were really looking forward to Xiumin’s solo debut. A few months ago, the idol had shared that she was working on new music and she asked fans to support her and wait. Now him XIUOLO It is a reality and fans will be able to enjoy it shortly.

Although both the album Xiumin like Chanyeol’s have had strong rumors. Fans were happy to learn that Xiumin’s has been confirmed and it won’t be long before he is released. This is what is known until the moment of his comeback.

EXO’s Xiumin to release his first solo album after several years of waiting

After several years of waiting, Xiumin of EXO will debut as soloist next month and the idea that fans will soon be able to hear their new music got them pretty excited. Ensuring that they can’t wait to hear the EXO member’s voice.

In June of this year, the idol had confirmed to his fans through Bubble that he would be releasing a solo album and asked them to help him make it a success. A couple of months later, his debut as a soloist already has a date and will be the next month.

So far, it has only been revealed that the idol will have his first album solo in a few weeks, but the number of songs it will include, nor the main concept and genres it will perform have not been confirmed. But EXO-L is already very excited about the news.

Xiumin EXO’s had previously participated in OSTs for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Mr. Queen, and Falling for Challenges. He also participated in different SM Station, in one of them with NCT’s Mark Lee. For that reason, fans already want to hear his solo stage.

When is EXO’s Xiumin’s new album released?

So far it has only been revealed that Xiumin’s album will be released at the end of the month of September. The exact release date and concept of the album have not been revealed. However, all of EXO-L are very excited for this album, as he is one of the few members of the group who has not yet debuted as a solo artist alongside Chanyeol and Sehun. Are you waiting for this album?

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