Yeonjun Dances Go Girl And Pitbull Reacts 2022 #Celebrity

Yeonjun: One of the most active TXT members on TikTok is Yeonjun, who has not only shared a video of him dancing to the group’s choreography, but has also joined different dance trends that are very popular in the community. The most recent of them, with the song Go Girl by Pitbull. Video that did not go unnoticed by the American singer, who soon shared it in Instagram stories.

Yeonjun from TXT uploaded a video to TikTok in which he appears dancing to the song Go Girl, by the American singer and rapper Pit bull. It didn’t take long for the video to become a trend, to the point that Pitbull saw it and shared it on Instagram.

Fans got overly excited to see the latest interaction involving TXT. This is because the famous American singer Pitbull shared one of Yeonjun’s videos on his personal Instagram account. Completely amused his fans by this unexpected interaction.

TXT recently released Good Boy Gone Bad and have since become more active on TikTok as part of their promotions. In addition to that, they do not miss the opportunity to make different trends on the platform.

Pitbull shared the video of TXT’s Yeonjun dancing to his song Go Girl

TXT fans were very surprised to see that Pitbull, the famous American singer, had shared in his stories of Instagram a very familiar face for his followers. It didn’t take them long to recognize one of the most recent videos Yeonjun shared on TikTok.

In the history, Mr Worldwide shared the video of Yeonjun dancing to her song Go Girl, accompanied by the video link and a tag to the official TXT account. Completely excited to see that Pitbull liked Yeonjun’s interpretation of his song.

Yeonjun’s video on TikTok already exceeds 3.8 million likes, in addition to having more than 15 thousand comments. Without a doubt, it was a video that his fans really liked. You can see it here:

MOA dreams of a collaboration between TXT and Pitbull

Seeing the story shared by Pitbull, TXT fans can’t help but think about how great a collaboration of the group with Mr. Worldwide would be, ensuring that it would be a total hit and everyone would love and listen to it.

For many, sharing the story is the beginning of both artists beginning to exchange friendly messages and that is the birth of one of the best collaborations in K-Pop. Without a doubt, it sounds like it would be a tremendous song. Would you like to hear a collaboration of TXT and Pitbull?

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