Yeonjun Will Be An Ambassador For Baekhyun’s brand Privé Alliance 2022 #Celebrity

Yeonjun: Great news for MOAs! One of the members of TXT was selected as the new ambassador of the popular Privé Alliance brand. Yeonjun will not only be an ambassador, but will also be a creative designer for the new collection that Privé Alliance will launch in the second half of the year.

Yeonjun of TXT became the new ambassador of Privé Alliance. Brand he had been working on baekhyun from EXO. In addition to being the ambassador, he will also be part of Creative designer for future collaborations with the brand.

MOA remains very excited about the recent Privé Alliance announcement, confirming that TXT’s Yeonjun will participate with the brand as an ambassador and designer, completely proud of the Korean’s achievement.

Yeonjun was currently an MC for the music show Inkigayo and is on tour with TXT in the United States with their ACT: LOVE SICK tour. The announcement of him as a brand ambassador made his fans completely happy. Those who are very curious about his work.

TXT’s Yeonjun Is The New Ambassador Of Privé Alliance, Brand Reported

Through a statement on their official Twitter page, the Privé Alliance brand announced TXT’s Yeonjun as their brand ambassador. He news that he made all the fans of him too excited.

In the statement, Privé Alliance spoke with emotion about the collaboration that they would have with Yeonjun, one of the rising stars who has drawn a lot of attention for his unique style, being a fashion influencer for the new generations.

Similarly, they praised the versatility of Yeonjun to carry different styles of clothes without losing elegance at any time. Ensuring that his style is perfect for the brand and they couldn’t wait to show the collaboration they did with him. You can see the statement here:

The Privé Alliance x Yeonjun collection already has a release date, when will it come out?

Privé Alliance x Yeonjun It will be a five-piece collection with styles designed by TXT’s Yeonjun himself. This collaboration plans to be a refreshing and modern style for the brand that they assure fans will love. This collection will be released on August 12 this year and can be purchased online.

So far, Yeonjun is expected to work with the brand from August to December this year. In which different collections of the brand will be launched. On the other hand, they expect Baekhyun to rejoin the brand as soon as he is discharged from the military in 2023.

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