Youngjae Releases SUGAR’s Mood Sampler, His New Solo Album

Youngjae: With less than a month to go until GOT7‘s group comeback, Youngjae is ready to return with more music and is releasing some trailers for his SUGAR album. What concept will the idol carry on this occasion?

Just like the members of GOT7 They revealed it at FANCON, after the release of the album each one has returned to the individual activities they were working on until a few months ago. Several of them are ready to release new record materials and Youngjae will be the first of them.

This vocalist is part of Sublime Artist Agency and, after debuting as a soloist with his album COLORS from Arswill now return with his first come back and the album SUGAR. This will also be the title of the K-Pop idol’s lead single, but what vibe will he show on this album?

Through images and videos, Youngjae has released a glimpse into the concept of this new era in his career, as a new clip was revealed, AHGASE he couldn’t contain his excitement.

GOT7: Youngjae premieres SUGAR’s Mood Sampler and excites everyone for his comeback

The clip begins with a cheerful melody where a guitar is heard, on the screen we see a large table decorated with flowers and elements of a banquet.

Although the party seems to be over, for some it is just beginning and it is then that we see Youngjae ready to continue the fun. Are you excited about the launch of SUGAR? This new Mood Sampler gives us an idea of ​​what we can expect from the album and it is sure to be an amazing release.

When does Youngjae’s comeback premiere? SUGAR is coming very soon

SUGAR will be Youngjae’s second solo album and will be released alongside the music video for the lead single on June 21, so there are only a few days left before we get to enjoy all of the singer’s new tunes.

Previously, the idol of k pop was promoting Vibin’ as the title of his debut album and had activities within South Korea and Thailand, but this time the idol is expected to reconnect with fans from more countries.

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