Yumi’s Cells 2, What is it About and Where To Watch The New Season

Yumi’s Cells 2: After causing a sensation with the first season, Yumi’s Cells returns with a long-awaited sequel. Kim Go Eun’s Korean drama will have more romance, fun, and lessons that you shouldn’t miss.

One of the June premieres within the K-Dramas is Yumi’s Cells 2. Now we know her main character perfectly, a hard-working and dedicated girl who we see together with her office colleagues, however we see everything through the cells that reflect her emotions in each situation.

Only a few months after the end of the first stage of the dramathe second season just premiered this weekend and there are already some episodes available for you to watch.

Read on and find out what will happen in Yumi’s Cells 2, what characters There will be more strength in this new stage of the story and also the details about where you can see the drama.

What will we see in Yumi’s Cells 2? What you can expect from the story

The first season showed us the infatuation of Yumi and Woongbut it ended when they ended their relationship and she was heartbroken again, so her love cell couldn’t recover for a long time.

Now, in Yumi’s Cells 2 we will see the birth of a new love, since the spark of love will be born between the protagonist and Yoo Babi, the office mate of the girl whom we met in previous episodes.

Thus, now the main couple will be made up of Kim Go Eun Y jinyoung, ready to know more about its history? Here you can see one of the teasers that will motivate you to follow the romance story.

Where to watch Yumi’s Cells 2 and when do new episodes come out?

This production will premiere two episodes every weekend, so now you can see the first of them and delve into this new part of the plot of the Korean series.

Yumi’s Cells 2 is available with Spanish subtitles through Viki, however for now it can only be seen with Viki Pass. Despite this, the episodes are also being shared by fans on sites like doramasflix.

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